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As a buying consumer, we all face that ‘tug-of-war’ decision – “Price vs Quality”. In any given service type industry, a prospective client may subconsciously believe that the ‘cheapest’ price will still not compromise on ‘quality’. Of course, it is unwise to pay too much, but remember that the cheapest gutter cleaning quote isn’t always the best. Choose a business that is insured, has height safety training, and is extensively experienced.

As a family owned business, our focus is to offer GREAT SERVICE at the most AFFORDABLE price – without compromising on quality.

As a basic guide, if you have a small single-level home, prices start from as little as $165 including GST. For a larger, two story home, the rate can range from $200 to $450.

Beware of ‘Short Cuts’

What ever happened to good old fashioned service? We recently received an inquiry to quote on a Mazeproperty that had been supposedly ‘serviced regularly’ by a local contractor.

On inspecting the guttering, I was shocked to find cheap and deteriorated gutter guard in place (not visible from the ground) with years of sludge built up beneath the mesh! Sadly, dishonesty is becoming very common place, with some tradesmen taking short cuts on their workmanship deceiving our community.


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